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Explanation of each symbol of the furnace’s name. Electric furnace СНОЛ-75/500:
ТУ У 28.2-30676394-001:2018
(Designation structure according to TS)
C – resistance – the type of heating;
Н – chamber – a constructive feature;
О – oxidative – workspace environment;
Л – laboratory;
75 – volume of working space in cubic dm (liters);
500 – the nominal temperature in °C.

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Drying cabinet СНОЛ-75/500

СНОЛ-75/500 – A unique drying cabinet is designed for drying various materials and calcinating welding electrodes in an air environment at temperatures from 50 to 500 °C.

Temperature controller

The drying cabinet could be equipped with microprocessor or programmable temperature controller.

The case

The case of the drying cabinet is made of sheet steel. It is powder coated on a special polymer coating line, which gives the surface an original look and durability in operation.

Working chamber

It is made of stainless steel.

The drying cabinet has an opening for a control thermocouple or thermometer input.


An air mixing fan is installed in the back of the working chamber. It creates a high uniformity of the thermal field inside the chamber.


No. p / p Name of technical specification Unit Value
1. Rated power, less than kW 6,6
2. Idle power, no more kW 2,2
3. Supply voltage V 380
4. AC frequency Hz 50
5. Number of phases 3
6. Rated working space temperature °С 500
7. Automatic temperature control range °С 50-500
8. Temperature stability in stable thermal conditions* at the measurement point, without charge, not worse °С


9. Limits of permissible temperature deviation in the working space in the temperature range in a steady thermal regime, without charge, as the difference between Tmax and Tmin (deviation from the average value), not worse °С is not regulated
10. Electric cabinet warm-up time to nominal temperature without charge, less than min 60
11. Dimensions of the working chamber, not less than: width x length x height mm 390х530х390
12. Overall dimensions, less than: width x length x height mm 830х1070х1025
13. Weight, less than kg 152

* A steady thermal regime occurs after holding for at least 60 minutes at the set temperature, without the presence of external disturbances (opening doors, changing the temperature setting, changing the mains voltage, etc.)

Package contents

Electric cabinet СНОЛ-75/500

Items removed from the electrical cabinet for transportation:

  • shelves – 2 pcs.

Spare parts:

  • fusible insert for 1A – 1 pc.

Operational documentation:

Other models

Name Т nom, °С Power, kW / number of phases Presence of a fan Working chamber
Size, mm Material
СНОЛ 7/350 350 1 / 1 75х450х100 steel/stainless
СНОЛ 7/400 350 1 / 1 75х450х100 steel/stainless
СНОЛ 75/350 350 4 / 1 390х530х390 steel/stainless
СНОЛ 7/350 (вент) 350 4 / 1 + 390х530х390 steel/stainless
СНОЛ 75/400 400 5 / 3 390х530х390 steel/stainless
СНОЛ 75/400 (вент) 400 5,5 / 3 + 390х530х390 steel/stainless
СНОЛ 75/500 500 6,6 / 3 + 390х530х390 stainless
СНОЛ 75/600 600 7,5-10,5 / 3 + 390х530х390 stainless
СНОЛ 75/700 700 10,5 / 3 + 390х530х390 stainless



The manufacturer provides a warranty for the product for 12 months. Warranty on the control unit – 18 months, on the thermoregulator series TermoPro® – 50 months.