Pusher furnaces up to 1400 °C

The electric furnace is designed for sintering in a protective gas environment products made by powder pressing.

Pallets with a cage are fed into the furnace and moved around the furnace using an electromechanical or hydraulic pusher. Loading and moving pallets around the furnace are carried out periodically. Furnaces are made single-, double- and multi-row, depending on the number of pallets moving in parallel.

Pallets are cast from heat-resistant steel and move along metal or silicon carbide guides.

The sealing of the furnace's working space that is operating with a controlled atmosphere on the loading and unloading side is achieved by locking the pan with the charge in the pre chambers.

Flame curtains are automatically ignited when the doors are opened. The chambers are equipped with safety valves. Also, we produce furnaces without pre chambers for processes that do not require controlled atmospheres.

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