Laboratory drying cabinets — are a special class of equipment designed to maintain a stable temperature in the working chamber. The main purpose of this type of device is to dry various materials and perform analytical work (СНОЛ and СНВС).

A laboratory drying cabinet is a special chamber with walls that have thermal insulation properties. Heating elements are placed on the inner sides (or behind) of the working chamber. Each furnace is equipped with a thermostat depending on the customer's needs and tasks (programmable, microprocessor or analog).

Drying ovens differ in the following parameters:

  1. operating temperature
  2. chamber size
  3. number of shelves
  4. type of thermostat
  5. material of the working chamber
  6. the presence of forced air circulation in the working chamber.

"Thermoengineering" LLC manufactures laboratory drying cabinets in the following categories