Scientific and production enterprise “Thermoengineering” began its way to the industrial thermal equipment market as a small enterprise of electric furnaces production for drying welding electrodes and other materials.

In the first years, in the conditions of the industrial crisis of the 90s, the enterprise managed not only to survive but also to increase its industrial potential. Initial success was driven by a quick response to market needs.

The company followed the needs of consumers and expanded the range of offered equipment, both in terms of the range of operating temperatures and thermal capacities, and in terms of technical tasks to be solved.

Today we are ready to offer electric resistance furnaces of almost any type and purpose with a temperature range up to 14000 C for operation in both oxidizing and controlled atmospheres.

Today LLC “Thermoengineering” is a modern science-intensive production with highly qualified specialists. All design work is carried out by our design office.

Particularly complex tasks are carried out in cooperation or with the involvement of specialists from leading research institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.  

Our main principles are quality, use of modern materials and engineering solutions, compliance with safety requirements in accordance with domestic and European regulations, and affordable price.

Achieved professional level allows us not only to manufacture equipment according to the customer’s technical requirements but also to offer the market a wide range of serial laboratory electric furnaces, as well as powder coating equipment.

The quality of our products, which received a steady demand in the market, led the company to establish:

The most popular products of LLC “Thermoengineering”: