Washing tanks and machines

Depending on the purpose washing equipment is divided into:

  • - equipment for thermal sections (washing tanks and washing machines of chamber or conveyor type for washing parts after machining or quenching in oil before tempering or chemical-thermal treatment);
  • - equipment for surface preparation before coating (powder painting, etc.).

The design of the equipment, its characteristics, and the type of used cleaning solutions are agreed upon with the customer when preparing the technical specifications, taking into account the requirements for surface quality and productivity.

Washing tank for washing parts after hardening in oil

Washing tank ВМ – 1

No. p / p Specifications Unit Value
1 Maximum mass of a single cage kg 100
2 Установленная мощность общая кВт 16,1
3 Installed heating power, less than kW 15
4 Supply voltage V 380
5 AC frequency Hz 50
6 Number of phases 3
7 Solution rated temperature °С 20 - 80
8 Cooling medium alkaline solutions
9 Capacity by washing solution l 1000
10 Overall dimensions, less than
mm 1800/1100/1400
11 Weight without cage, less than kg 650