Quenching oil and water tanks

Equipment for hardening is produced according to the agreed technical specifications.
The type of quench medium and the capacity of the tank are determined depending on the steel grade and charge weight. To ensure the required performance, the tanks are equipped with a cooling system - a built-in tube sheet, or a remote heat exchanger. A system for heating and controlling the temperature of the quenching medium is also provided.
Impeller agitators with special guides, as well as a possible combination with a bubbling system, ensure the desired speed and uniformity of cooling.
For the convenience of loading/unloading of details, tanks are made of rectangular, or cylindrical form. Tanks can be equipped with lifting tables, loading baskets, and conveyors for small parts. Hardening equipment is supplied both independently and as a set with heating equipment for hardening.

Oil hardening tank

Quenching conveyor oil tank

No. p / p Specifications Unit Water hardening tank ВГВ – 0,6 Oil hardening tank ВГМ – 1,1
1 Rated performance, at least kg/hour 100 200
2 Maximum mass of a single cage kg 50 100
3 Installed capacity total kW 16,1 16,1
4 Installed power for heating, less than kW 15 15
5 Supply voltage V 380 380
6 AC frequency Hz 50 50
7 Number of phases 3 3
9 Cooling medium water, aqueous solutions oil
8 Rated temperature °С water - 20-40 oils - 20-40
10 Maximum temperature °С water - 60 oils - 60
11 Capacity by l water - 600 oils - 1100
12 Cooling water consumption, up to m3/h --- 3
13 Overall dimensions, less than width length height mm 1650 1000 1300 1800 1200 1400
14 Weight without cage, less than kg 550 600