Laboratory muffle furnaces from TermoLab

Muffle furnaces are reliable equipment for analytical work with various materials and heat treatment at temperatures up to 1300°С.

The muffle furnaces are equipped with a microprocessor or programmable temperature controller that ensures an accurate and stable temperature in the working chamber.

The chamber can be heated from 2, 3 or 4 sides, depending on the design and purpose of the furnace. The material of the working chamber can be fiber, ceramic or brick.

The muffle furnaces are equipped with a bottom plate and have a door with a hole for inserting a control thermocouple.

Additionally, on request, muffle furnaces can be equipped with a computer data acquisition system that allows for accurate measurements of temperature and other parameters.

TermoLab offers the possibility of manufacturing customized muffle furnaces according to customer specifications and wishes, making them the ideal choice for your unique needs.

Order laboratory muffle furnaces from TermoLab and get reliable and accurate equipment for your analytical work.

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