Electric retractable furnaces are used for heat treatment and drying of various materials. Annealing of wire; hardening heating, annealing, tempering of massive parts and castings, drying and sintering of ceramic products – this is a very incomplete list of tasks that can be successfully solved with the help of this class of furnaces. They can be supplied to order according to customer specifications with operating temperatures up to 1350°C.

Electric furnaces with a sliding hearth are designed for heating large-sized and bulky products and are designed as a chamber whose bottom is mounted on a cart and rolled out of the furnace together with the setting. The loading and unloading usually takes place with a shop crane. Pass-through (tunnel) furnaces with a retractable hearth are also available.

Electric tunnel furnaces with loading from the side opposite to unloading are a modification of electric furnaces with a sliding hearth. This design sometimes allows for more convenient placement of process equipment adjacent to the electric furnace, to organize in-line production or to increase productivity by reducing downtime for loading.

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