Сhemical-thermal treatment units

Chemical-thermal treatment (ХТО) is carried out by saturating the steel surface with the corresponding elements (C, N, Al, Cr, Si). It's one of the most widely used types of heat treatment in the industry. It allows changing the composition, structure, and properties of the surface layer of products in a wide range. Chemical-thermal treatment is used to harden, increase wear resistance, and fatigue strength of parts. The most promising is the Chemical-thermal treatment that is carried out in gaseous environments. Its advantages are due to the ability to control the composition and saturating activity of the atmosphere, as well as to obtain uniform surface properties of parts, regardless of their shape.

Our company has developed chamber units that allow carburizing, nitrocarburizing, and nitriding in controlled gas environments. The unit includes devices for mechanized parts loading, a washing machine, low and high tempering furnaces in a protective atmosphere, universal furnaces combined with quenching tanks, and a loading tambour for carburizing with direct quenching or with cooling in a protective atmosphere. The unit can be equipped with installations for the preparation of controlled atmospheres, devices for monitoring and automatic regulation of the saturation capacity of the environment, and metallographic laboratories for quality control of chemical treatment.

Optional equipment:

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