Drying cabinets up to 400 °C in explosion-proof design are designed for drying materials that emit vapors that are capable of ignition during drying.

The furnaces have a built-in system of automatic temperature control in the working chamber in the range up to 400 °С. There is a system of signal indication of furnace operation and visual control of the current temperature.

There is a control of vapor concentration during drying by switching off the heating and switching on the furnace purging when the vapor concentration reaches 50% of the lower concentration limit of ignition to prevent the formation of explosive concentration of vapors in the furnace.

An intensive atmospheric circulation system is provided to prevent the formation of zones with increased vapor concentration, as well as to exclude local overheating in the furnace volume that could lead to self-ignition of the steam-air mixture.

In order to avoid damage to the furnace due to the explosion of the steam-air mixture in the working space, an explosion valve is provided. The capacity of the valve is sufficient to keep the pressure in the working volume of the furnace within safe limits.

Heaters, located in three planes are used as heating elements. A forced circulation system is installed for the uniformity of the heat field. The furnaces provide for quick replacement of heaters, and sleeves for connection to ventilation. At the request of the customer, the furnaces can be equipped with various accessories – shelves, containers, and racks.

The furnace chamber is made of stainless steel, or structural steel coated with heat-resistant paint.

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