Explanation of each symbol of the furnace’s name::
С – resistance – the type of heating;
Н – chamber – a constructive feature;
О – oxidative – workspace environment;
10,5 – the width of the working space in decimeters;
5 – the length of the working space in decimeters;
15 – the height of the working space in decimeters;
1 – the nominal temperature in °C, is conditionally reduced by 100 times.



Electric furnace СНО-10,5.5.15/1

Electric furnace СНО-10,5.5.15/1 is made in explosion-proof design and designed for drying electric motors.

Design features:

  • explosion-proof valve device;
  • installation of an alarm to explosive concentrations of solvent vapor, as well as an emergency furnace purge fan. The fan turns on when the concentration of vapors in the furnace working space reaches 50% of the lower flammable limit. Furnace heating and circulation fan are turned off in this case.
  • Heating and fan cutoff when the operator open the door.

Electric furnace TermoPro®. Advantages over analogues:


Three sides heating. It gives good result of even distribution of heat field over the volume of working chamber.

Heating elements located behind the protective baffles avoid local overheating.


It possible to design blind or pass-through furnace (determined by the customer). The chamber could be in stainless steel or structural steel design (basic version).

Possibipty to install a divider in the chamber in any location. This offers the unique possibipty to turn off the heating of part of the furnace volume when curing small parts. If a second control unit is installed, two independent heating zones can be obtained in one housing.

Quick-release panels on the perimeter of the furnace case provide easy repair, quick heater replacement.

Furnace includes sleeve for connection to ventilation system.

Optionally, the furnace can be equipped with shelves, containers or shelves for setting the charge.

Control unit

Electronic control unit comes with a microprocessor-based thermostat to completely epminate overheating of the heating chamber.

Explosion-proof dedign

It is possible to produce the furnace in an explosion-proof version for drying electric motors, etc.


18 months warranty on the control unit.

50 months warranty on TermoPro series temperature controllers.


No. p / p Name of technical specification Unit Value
1 Protection class IP 21
2 Installed capacity total kW 12
3 Supply voltage V 380
4 AC frequency Hz 50
5 Number of phases 3
6 Automatic temperature control range °С 150
7 Temperature stability in steady state thermal conditions* at the measurement point, without charge, not worse °С ± 5
8 Workspace environment air
9 Dimensions of the working chamber, not less than: width x length x height mm 1050x500x1500
10 Overall dimensions, less than: width x length x height mm 2000x1500x2300
11 Weight, less than kg 650


The manufacturer provides a warranty for the product for 12 months. Warranty on the control unit – 18 months, on the thermoregulator series TermoPro® – 50 months.