TermoPro® is a registered trademark.

TermoPro® is industrial thermal equipment made to order for temperatures up to 1400 ° C.

Main groups of equipment:
- low-temperature ovens and drying cabinets up to 500 °С
- medium and high-temperature furnaces and units up to 1400 °С
- melting furnaces for non-ferrous metals
- equipment for powder coating
- production of technical ceramics
All products manufactured under the TermoPro® brand are manufactured in accordance with the customer's individual specifications.

TermoLab® is a registered trademark for serial laboratory thermal equipment:
- muffle electric furnaces up to 1300 °C;
- drying cabinets up to 700 °C;
- tubular furnaces up to 1250 °C;
- vacuum drying cabinets up to 350 °С.

All products manufactured under the TermoLab® trademark are certified in Ukraine and are mass-produced.