Shaped products from refractory ceramics

Cordierite ceramics are used in high-temperature industrial and laboratory furnaces as lining and hearth plates, for heater holders, heater outputs insulators and thermocouple inputs, etc. at temperatures up to 1300 °C.

The manufacture of cordierite ceramics is carried out by slip casting.

A distinctive feature of cordierite ceramics is that its coefficient of thermal expansion is several times lower than that of common oxide, high-alumina, and other types of ceramics.

Cordierite ceramics tolerate abrupt temperature changes and is a very heat-resistant material, have satisfactory resistance to the action of technological atmospheres, and do not interact with heaters made of high-resistance alloys (nichrome, kanthal) in the operating temperature range.

Characteristics Value
1. Apparent density, g/cm3, not less than 1,95 - 2,3
2. Ultimate compressive strength, MPa, not less than 20 - 25
3. Open porosity, no more 28
4. Thermal resistance (for samples) by the number of heat cycles, more 50