Shipment of industrial furnaces summer 2023 TermoPro

In the first half of 2023, the following TermoPro furnaces (customized industrial furnaces) were delivered to Ukrainian companies:

  1. electric resistance chamber furnace СНО 7.13.7/1300
  2. electric crucible furnace for melting aluminum and alloys CAT-350
  3. electric drying furnace with two rolling feeders СДО 10.20.10/3
  4. electric drying furnace with a rolling feeder СДО 10.30.10/8

All furnaces are made according to individual orders:

  • all customer wishes are taken into account;
  • modern and high-quality components are used;
  • testing of work according to specifications and standards;
  • completed on time and without violation of the contract;
  • put into operation and successfully operated.

Video-review of the shipped furnaces TermoPro