Explanation of each symbol of the furnace’s name::
С – resistance – the type of heating;
Н – chamber – a constructive feature;
О – oxidative – workspace environment;
10 – the width of the working space in decimeters;
15 – the length of the working space in decimeters;
15 – the height of the working space in decimeters;
2,5 – the nominal temperature in °C, is conditionally reduced by 100 times.

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Polymerization furnace СНО-10.15.15/2,5

Polymerization furnaces – special heating furnaces that melt the powder coat sprayed on the product. Powder paint melts when heated and forms a viscous layer that penetrates into all surface irregularities.

Design features

The delivery of parts into the electric furnace can be performed by using an overhead transport system.

At the customer’s request, the chamber design can be either dead-end or pass-through. The chamber material can be made of structural steel or stainless steel.

It is possible to install a transport system, modular design, multi-zone temperature control.

Advantages of TermoPro® furnaces over existing analogues:

  1. Heaters are placed on three sides, which gives a positive result on the uniformity of the heat field distribution over the volume of the working chamber.
  2. The location of the heaters behind the protective screens eliminates local overheating.
  3. The atmospheric circulation pattern in the furnace completely prevents the powder from being blown off the parts to be coated.
  4. On customer’s request – dead-end or pass-through furnace design. Stainless steel or structural steel chamber (basic version).
  5. The possibility to install a divider in the chamber in any place, which provides a unique opportunity to turn off the heating of part of the furnace volume when polymerizing small parts. If a second control unit is installed, it is possible to have two independent heating zones in one housing.
  6. Installation option hanging track or rail track.
  7. Quick-release panels on the perimeter of the furnace body provide easy repair and quick heater replacement.
  8. The electronic control unit is equipped as standard with a timer and microprocessor-based thermostat, which completely prevents the heating chamber from overheating.


No. p / p Name of technical specification Unit Value
1 Installed capacity total kW 25
2 Installed power of heating kW 24
3 Supply voltage V 380
4 AC frequency Hz 50
5 Number of phases 3
6 Automatic temperature control range °С 50-250
7 Workspace environment Air
8 Heating-up time of the electric furnace to the nominal temperature without charge, less than min 30
9 Dimensions of the working chamber, not less than: width x length x height mm 1000x1500x1500
10 Overall dimensions, less than: width x length x height mm 1625x2200x2600

Other models

No. p / p Name Т nom, °С Dimensions of the working chamber, not less than: width x length x height, mm Number of fans, pcs Design features Power, kW
1. СНОЛ 100/350 350 600 х 380 х 500 1 dead end 4
2. СНО-8,5.10.12/2,5 250 850 х 1000 х 1200 1 dead end 24
3. СНО-10.15.15/2,5 250 1000 х 1500 х 1500 1 dead end 36
4. СНО-10.25.15/2,5 250 1000 х 2500 х 1500 2 pass-through 36
5. СНО-12.20.18/2,5 250 1200 х 2000 х 1800 2 pass-through 42
6. СНО-10.35.15/2,5 250 1000 х 3500 х 1500 3 pass-through 42
7. СНО-14.25.20/2,5 250 1400 х 2500 х 2000 2 pass-through 48
8. СНО–12.35.20/2,5 250 1200 х 3500 х 2000 3 pass-through 50
9. СНО-18.40.20/2,5 250 1800 х 4000 х 2000 3 pass-through 75
10. СНО-10.65.20/2.5 250 1000 х 6500 х 2000 4 pass-through 60
11. СНО-10.85.20/2,5 250 1000 х 8500 х 2000 5 pass-through 60

Custom-made powder coating curing furnaces in all sizes.


The manufacturer provides a warranty for the product for 12 months. Warranty on the control unit – 18 months, on the thermoregulator series TermoPro® – 50 months.