Explanation of each symbol of the furnace’s name::
С – resistance – the type of heating;
Н – chamber – a constructive feature;
О – oxidative – workspace environment;
8 – the width of the working space in decimeters;
8 – the length of the working space in decimeters;
8 – the height of the working space in decimeters;
6 – the nominal temperature in °C, is conditionally reduced by 100 times.

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Electric furnace СНО-8.8.8/6

СНО – electric furnace designed for hardening of welding materials, fluxes, special electrodes; high tempering, annealing.

The furnace is made with a built-in system for automatically maintaining the temperature in the working chamber.

There is a system of alarm indication of furnace operation and visual control of the current temperature in the chamber.

High resistance alloys arranged in three planes are used as heaters for uniform thermal fields.

A forced air mixing system with a fan can be installed.

The furnace has a quick change of heaters, a sleeve for connection to the ventilation system.

The electric furnaces of this series can be supplied with a muffle made of heat-resistant steel.


No. p / p Name of technical specification Unit Value
1 Installed capacity total kW 15
2 Supply voltage V 380
3 AC frequency Hz 50
4 Number of phases 3
5 Automatic temperature control range °С 600
6 Heating-up time of the electric furnace to the nominal temperature without charge, less than min 90
7 Temperature stability in steady state thermal conditions* at the measurement point, without charge, not worse °С ± 5
8 Workspace environment air
9 Dimensions of the working chamber, not less than: width x length x height mm 800x800x800
10 Overall dimensions, less than: width x length x height mm 1750x1600x1700
11 Weight, less than kg 400

Product line

No. p / p Name Т nom, °С Dimensions of the working chamber, width x length x height, mm Power, kW
1. СНО-9.9.12/5 500 900 х 900 х 1200 20
2. СНО-10.6.8/5 500 1000 х 600 х 800 20
3. СНО-5.5.5/6 600 500 х 500 х 500 13
4. СНО-8.8.8/6 600 800 х 800 х 800 15
5. СНО-6.6.6/7 700 600 х 600 х 600 13
6. СНО-9.9.10/7 700 900 х 900 х 1000 40
7. СНО-5.10.5/8 800 500 х 1000 х 500 26

Under the order, we produce furnaces of any size according to your specifications.


The manufacturer provides a warranty for the product for 12 months. Warranty on the control unit – 18 months, on the thermoregulator series TermoPro® – 50 months.