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Electric crucible furnaces for fusible metals

СОТ – furnaces for fusible alloys (tin, lead, zinc alloys; solders, babbitts, etc.) can be stationary and rotary. Melting is carried out in crucibles made of heat-resistant steel.

The furnaces are manufactured using modern insulation materials and are equipped with reliable monitoring and control systems.

Melt selection

Melt selection is carried out:

  • through a heated drain valve at the bottom of the crucible;
  • manually;
  • through a chute in the upper part of the crucible (for inclined furnaces).

The furnaces can be equipped with a mechanical stirrer for homogenization of the composition in the production of quality alloys.

Ordering specifics

All presented products are made to order. This allows the customer to make their own changes in the design of products and order the best option.


No. n/a Parameters СОТ-0,25 СОТ-0,5 СОТ-0,75 СОТ-1
1 Rated temperature in the crucible, °C 600 600 600 600
2 Automatic temperature control in range up to, °С 600 600 600 600
3 Time of heating to rated temperature, minutes, max (without a cage) 90 90 90 90
4 Crucible capacity, kg, (for tin melt) 250 500 750 1000
5 Rated output, kg/h 250 250 250 250
6 Electric furnace power supply 3х380 V, 50 Hz 3х380 V, 50 Hz 3х380 V, 50 Hz 3х380 V, 50 Hz
7 Power, kW 24 24 24 36
8 Crucible material heat-resistant steel heat-resistant steel heat-resistant steel heat-resistant steel
9 Overall dimensions of electric furnace, mm, width x depth x height 1000х1000х1500 1000х1000х1500 1100х1100х1600 1850х1750х2550
10 Useful dimensions of the crucible, mm, diameter x height 300х450 400х500 500х600 600х550
11 Weight, kg, max 500 650 950 1400