Shaft electric furnaces СШОЛ – 0,6.2/750

According to the agreed technical specifications, our company has developed and manufactured laboratory shaft and tubular electric furnaces with an inclined (rotary) body of the heating chamber.

The diameter of the working chamber can be up to 100 mm, length – by agreement.

The power of the heaters is calculated depending on the required heating rate. The maximum temperature is up to 1200°C.

The ability to rotate the chamber around two axes makes it possible to mount it in various analytical setups for conducting studies that require heating (including the ability to control the heating rate).

Any device used in TermoLab® products can be installed as a temperature controller, or any other in agreement with the Customer.

Depending on the type of regulator, it is possible to connect the electric furnace to a computer or install devices for recording heat treatment modes on paper or electronic media.