ПК 1 powder spray booth is designed to capture paint particles that have not settled on the product and return the paint back to the technological process.

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Spray booth ПК-1

The spray booth features a closed powder circulation cycle, the ability to clean the filters with reverse air flow, and a powder paint hopper with vibrating screen.

Chamber design

The chamber has a pass-through design, which makes it possible to apply coatings on long products and use a mechanized supply of the product for painting. It is possible to supply products manually through a working opening in the chamber.

The chamber is equipped with an air pretreatment unit, which allows the compressed air to be cleaned of oil and dripping moisture impurities.

The chamber provides illumination of the parts to be painted.

Control module

The chamber control module contains start-up protection equipment of the chamber ventilation system, controls and system status indicators.


The filter unit is mounted vertically, which allows you to quickly remove the filter.

TermoPro® spray booths use only modern materials and innovative technology.

Polyester or cellulose is used for the filter elements, which allow capturing from 95 to 100% of particles up to 10 microns and from 60 to 80% of particles in the range of 5 to 10 microns.

The spray chambers use filters that comply with the ISO 9001 quality system.


Parameter Value
Internal space dimensions, mm
width 1200
length 1300
height 1150
Overall dimensions, mm
width 1800
length 1550
height 2400
Number of filter elements 1
Installed power, kW 1,5
Fan power, kW 0,75
Vibrating screen drive power, kW 0,37
Supply voltage, V 380
Number of phases 3
AC frequency, Hz 50
Compressed air pressure, bar, no more 8
Weight, kg, less than 550

Other models

No. p / p Name Installed power, kW Useful size of the internal space of the chamber, mm, (WxDxH) Number of filters, pcs
1 ПК 1 1,5 1200х1300х1300 1
2 ПК 2 2 1500х1300х1300 2
3 ПК 3 2,5 1800х1300х1300 3
4 ПК 4 3 2350х1300х1300 4
5 ПК 6 5 3520х1300х1300 6
6 ПК 8 7,5 4700х1300х1300 8
7 ПК 10 10 6000х1300х1300 10


The spray booth has a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase.

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